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Work environment

The company is interested in the working conditions of employees: arranging a comfortable, cool and clean workplace.

Dynamic working environment, professional, always creating conditions for each employee has the opportunity to assert themselves, promote their full capacity. In the work, there is always the support and guidance of superiors, the coordination of colleagues and related departments in the spirit of the overall development of the Company.

Welfare policy

Tourism welfare policy: Every year, the Company organizes excursions and leave for employees to re-create the workforce and create solidarity among the Company's employees. Periodic health examination. Every year, the Company organizes a general health examination for its employees. Medical examination costs are paid by the Company. The company built all allowances, enabling employees to complete the tasks: Telephone allowance, work allowance, responsibility allowance .. Making social insurance and insurance deductions health care for employees according to current regulations. The regimes on maternity, labor accident insurance, severance allowances must comply with the provisions of law.