About us

Time Flies. Things may change but the desire to make life better is always there. On the 24th of June, 1997 Crystal Design – TPL was founded by an enthusiastic group of art specialists to combine your dreams with our unique and professional design consultancy. Many years have now passed. During this time Crystal Design – TPL has been providing designs for a variety of different application: In construction, interior design, decoration, fine art, and with office furniture. All of this work has been accomplished by our talented designers and technicians.

Crystal Design – TPL has accomplished these great achievements through many and varied projects – all with a high degree of customer satisfaction. Crystal Design – TPL  forms a unique organization by combining Korean design with Vietnamese wisdom and simplicity.

Working together enables Crystal Design – TPL  to be an international interior design company utilizing the best of both countries.


Crystal interior design company understands the quality and fit out time of projects are very important to business success. We have many experiences in providing custom design office and always care to the sustainable built enviroment and profession