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First, Crystal Design – TPL would like to thank you for your interest, visit website to learn about services.

At Crystal Design – TPL is always committed to paying special attention to the privacy policy to ensure the safety of data for customers. Crystal Design – TPL is also always careful in storing or handling confidential information that customers have shared with us.

Your confidential information is only retained for as long as required by law or used for the purpose for which such personal information was collected. Below is information about the privacy policy of Crystal Design – TPL, please read carefully our privacy policy to protect your own rights.

1. Purpose of collecting personal information

Crystal Design – TPL commits not to sell or share customers’ personal information with any other 3rd party. Except for the third parties who are directly involved in your purchase or delivery process at Crystal Design – TPL.

Information after being collected from customer fees will be used as a database for customer care consulting. The personal information that Crystal Design – TPL collects is committed to using only within the company. The information that Crystal Design – TPL collects will include name, address, email, phone number as well as the date of birth, gender.

2. Scope of information use

The personal information collected at Crystal Design – TPL is generally used for the following purposes:

  • Inform customers about the status of products and services and contribute to the best customer support
  • Provide necessary and useful information related to all products and services
  • Providing information to facilitate the process of processing orders as well as providing, fully meeting service requirements for customers
  • Support in managing customer account system
  • Confirm as well as perform financial transactions directly related to online payments to customers

3. Computer data collection 

When you start accessing the website, Crystal Design – TPL’s server will collect all information such as IP address, media, browser type as well as other website systems that you have visited in the past. At the same time, Crystal Design – TPL will also store access time or other statistics.

The collection of information by Crystal Design – TPL will be analyzed or evaluated, as well as assisting in improving the status of the website, providing the system of products and services that the company is aiming for. These types of information usually do not have any relation to other personal information.

4. Information storage time

All personal information of customers is stored securely on our internal system during the working process or until we receive a request to cancel the provided information from the customer.

5. Persons or organizations that may have access to such information

Crystal Design – TPL will not provide customer information to any third parties unless it is required to do so at the request of competent state agencies, or as required by law.

In addition to the above cases, Crystal Design – TPL will have specific notices for customers when it has to disclose customer information to a third party. In this case,  Crystal Design – TPL is committed to disclosing customer information only with the consent of the customer.

6. Address of the unit that collects and manages personal information


Address: 231A Quarter 3 Duong Dinh Hoi, Tang Nhon Phu B, Thu Duc City, TP. Ho Chi Minh

Phone number: 028 3728 1920


7. Methods and tools for consumers to access and correct personal data

To be able to correct personal data, please contact directly to 028 3728 1920 or send information to be adjusted via email contact: We will assist in correcting or deleting data at the request of the customer.

8. Ensure personal information is absolutely confidential

Crystal Design – TPL always puts the protection of customers’ personal information first. To ensure that all information that customers provide to Crystal Design – TPL will be absolutely confidential. Crystal Design – TPL also commits not to share, sell or rent personal information of customers to any other party.

Crystal Design – TPL is committed to using only information that

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