In the business interior design field, CEO office design is one of the toughest challenge and required the professional elaboration. As an almost indispenable in any business. The director room is the workplace of the leaders, who have massive influences to the development of the business.

What makes a good CEO office?

In order to design a high quality CEO office, you should note the following criteria:

The location

CEO office is not only the work place of the CEO but also acts as a place to welcome business partners, thereby showing the face of the corporation. For that reason, the CEO office must be placed in the best spot within the corporation. By using large windows, you could create a nice peaceful view for meditation purpose. The best door direction should be placed toward the East, South-East, West or, South-West according to Feng Shui.


Workspace with the view for meditation purpose

Office floor space

Depend on the size of the company, the CEO office could be flexibly adjust. For example, a small CEO office (around 20 square meters or smaller), you should pay attention to the size of the furnitures. Do not pick furnitures with too big of a size, which make it an obstruction while moving around or receveing guest.


Small CEO office with matching furnitures


For office with over 20-40 square meters of size, CEO office is usually seperated from staff area, in order to create a private space for the director. Large scale CEO office could also be intergrated with other spaces such as reception area, relaxing area.


Luxurious CEO office


The design style

The design style can be flexibly customized to suit the preferences as well as expressing the distinct aesthetic of the head of the business.


Minimalism and modern style breath in a futuristic look for the office


Luxurious space to show the power of the leader

Color tone

The key color tone of the corporation should be put in use, boosting the brand regconition for partners and customers. The color scheme can match the age of the leader to attract luck and fortune to the business.

Nên đưa màu sắc thương hiệu của công ty một cách tinh tế, để có thể tăng sự nhận diện thương hiệu cho các đối tác. Phối màu có thể hợp tuổi, hợp mệnh của người lãnh đạo để thu hút tài lộc và may mắn đến cho doanh nghiệp. Neutral colors are often used to enhance elegance and professionalism in designs.

Well designed CEO office



Not only matching the size of the office, the furnitures also have to be placed reasonably to ensure the user comfort.

Work desk is one of the key factor, it takes up most of the space so it is required more attention. You have to choose your work desk wisely base on the size of the office. With a small office, we suggest choosing the type of desks that have a compact design, with compartments and drawer for convenient storage and space saving. As for large scale office you can choose large-sized, superficial desks to create symmetry and unity.


Fully furnished CEO room can show class and professionalism for the business


It is necessary to choose a chair style suitable for the body shape to create comfort for work as well as rest and relaxation for the director. File drawers should be placed onto the wall, behind the work desk to increase convinience for users, also to fill up emty spaces, create a space harmony.

Aside from that, a set of sofa is essential, for reception purpose. It is possible to use additional decorative items that can increase the creativity as well as show the leader’s unique interests.


CEO office with light, gentle tones combining with furnitures harmony with the office space


Feng-shui element

Apart from showing the power and authority, following the Feng-shui element could bring you nothing but joy and fortune for both your own career and the corporation.

The position of the director work desk is also greatly influenced by the Feng-shui element. You should note the following table positions:

-Do not place the work desk opposite to the entrance

According to Feng-shui, the entrance is where to attract the positive and negative energy. Leaders who sit in this specific spot will always be in a state of stress,psychologically disturbed, easily make mistakes when making important decisions.

-Do not place the work desk in the middle of the room

The back is too far away from the wall, turning it into a state of “no place to depend on”. Leader who sits in this position will be “isolated”. Feng-shui masters stated that working person must inhale the positive energy in order to operate a business.

In addition, a number of Feng-shui items could be placed in the CEO office like: plants, paintings, carpets, curtains…

The selection and placement process must be based on the director’s name, age, life, and zodiac.


Some of the unique CEO office design

If you are having trouble deciding which style should be used for your CEO office, let us have a look at some of the designs from below:

Modern CEO office

Modern director room interior design features simple, beautiful, luxurious furniture with industrial wood materials veneer, mdf, mfc, …

Modern CEO office


Modern CEO office featuring neutral colors


Classic style CEO office

With delicate sculptural details confirming the class of the leader. Furniture products are mostly made from natural wood materials such as walnut, ironwood, oak, …

Classic CEO office design


For young and energetic leaders

Young directors are often quick-thinking people, easily accessible to many new and modern information. Therefore, they also demand more about the convenience of the workspace.

Energetic yet elegance CEO office


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