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Job description
1. Construction and quality control of works
– Set of technical requirements from design drawings, bidding documents, economic contracts and other documents related to the quality of works.
– Provide advice on data or on behalf of CHT to resolve issues related to quality with TVGS / CDT when authorized.
2.In charge of completing and completing the legal documents, final acceptance records, quality records
– Coordinate with the construction team to complete the drawing according to the actual details of the deployment, promptly meet the process of acceptance, payment and settlement of works.
– Checking construction legal documents: construction permits, permits to use machines, equipment, materials with strict safety requirements, etc.
– Submitting material samples and completing quality documents meeting the TCTC group schedule: Submitting samples, experiments, etc.
– Organize the implementation and control of the public bidders to meet the process of payment, settlement and handover of the works
3. Deploying the quality management system, managing the system of drawings and records
– Disseminate quality policies, quality standards, technical requirements of the project to relevant individuals and departments;
– Control the use of drawings during construction.
– Gather and store drawings in a complete, accurate and scientific manner.
– Control the internal acceptance work.
– Controlling the work of correcting and rectifying errors and giving warnings and timely handling plans.
– Establishing construction measures, shop – drawing for typical work items, important specific jobs, general work to ensure quality.
– Quality control of concrete, steel and input materials.
4. Reports and statistics
– Periodic: report week, month, to CHT;
– Irregularly: reporting, seeking opinions to direct arising issues beyond the authority or at the request of the CHT;

Welfare policy
– Attractive salary by agreement (from 12 million / month or more)
– Environment friendly, dynamic, promoting creative ability at work
– Trained to improve knowledge and skills
– Tourism, annual leave, holidays
– 13th month salary fixed annually, rewarding work efficiency, profit
– Enjoy the social insurance regime according to the law and company regime.

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