In today's competitive marketplace, creating innovation is becoming more important than ever. While most people know the importance of innovation, a lot of people are still struggling to actively plan for it - especially in office interior design. Encouraging employees to collaborate and create together is a great thing. But to achieve that, the workplace must also provide a space where people can be creative and productive. Prestigious office interior design company Crystal Design shares with customers the creative room area in the office - a space to spark creativity and collaboration.


What is a brainstorm room in the modern office interior design?

When you do a job that requires your mind to be creative, whether you work at home or in the office you need a workspace that allows you to think critically and be productive. high. The Idea Creation Room, also known as the brainstorming area, will be a room that provides a natural space for everyone's ideas and information to be easily exchanged.


Minimalistic brainstorm room design.


Factors that make brainstorm room effective in office interior design.

Designing a room so that people can unleash their creativity effectively is not as difficult as we envision. The key to this room is to use decorations, colors, and equipment to create a comfortable, comfortable space and minimize distractions so people can come up with their best ideas. Give this space the tools needed to create the flexibility employees need to effectively work together.


Colorful atmosphere.

On the surface, the color seems to be just a decorative detail, but the color you choose for the room can really affect people's concentration. In a space where everyone needs to brainstorm, you will want to surround yourself with vibrant colors. Warm, bright shades like red, yellow, or orange are the best choice for sparking creativity.


Brainstorm room design with dominant red color


Set in the private placement.

When you work in a busy office, there are many things that distract you. When designing a creative room, it's important to keep it at a corner away from distractions so people can increase their productivity. Consider all sorts of distractions and organize your room's furniture to minimize them as much as possible. Creative rooms are best placed in private locations within the building. Locate in private or semi-private locations so that the noise of conversations does not affect other areas and vice versa.


Brainstorm room design panoramic seen inside the company


Possesses a wide choice of seating position.

Creativity is time-consuming and difficult to estimate, so it's important that the room is comfortable so people can stay working for long if needed. The desk and chair that can be comfortably moved is the ideal choice for this space. When people are working together on ideas, a small meeting table can help people easily exchange ideas with each other.


Brainstorm room design with full amenities


Owns a neat space.

A cluttered room can cause a serious distraction when you are trying to focus your thoughts. Make sure there are plenty of places to store items for a neat and tidy space. Another way to keep your space tidy is to incorporate the use of electronic devices during discussion such as a tablet, laptop or TV so that interaction can be made faster.


Brainstorm room with soundproofed rooms and comfortable design


Unique brainstorm room styles in office interior design in 2020.

            The brainstorm room is still unpopular in the field of professional office interior design in Vietnam. However, with the developing speed of all fields in the world, we will definitely need a room dedicated to creating creative ideas in the future.











This article is intended to share with you about creative room design, an office area in the future that will become popular. Crystal Design is a reputable office interior construction company that always strives towards breakthrough designs and is constantly improving.

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