Nowadays, companies have paid more attention in mordern meeting room designs, in order to improve the work quality and a comfortable environment to help their employees achieve high effiency at work.

The importances of the meeting room in a corporation

Meeting room plays a big role in any business. It is not only a place to hold a meeting or to plan a business stratergy, it is also a place for big conferences, to report, summarizing the results achieved after the project implementation period.

The meeting room is also

In addition, the meeting room is also a meeting place for important business partners, showing the partners the scale and professionalism of one corporation in order to increase their reputation and the possibility of mutual cooperation. So let’s find out about the criteria for an interior design of a meeting room in the business.

Luxury meeting room design

Standard sizes of one meeting room

Depends on the needs of corporations and businesses, meeting rooms can be designed according to the appropriate standard area

Small size meeting room:

-Minimum area of 20 square meters

-Capacity from 10 to 20

Small meeting room close to the workplace, easy to access

Medium size meeting room:

-Minimum size: 40 square meters

-Capacity from 20 to 50 people

Medium size meeting room

Large size conference room:

-Minimum area 0,8 square meter/person

-Capacity from 50 to 200 people

Large conference room

Meeting room location

Work environment could heavily affect to employees working mood, the meeting room holds no exception. Meeting room should be place in “easy to acess area”, close to the work place and front door, with spacious aisle, convenient for communication and movement between departments. Also, the meeting room should have a private area to avoid the influence of other departments.

One notice for meeting room with the area over 20 square meters; it should has 2 entrances, a main one and a side entrance to facilitate employee acess.


The factor that directly affects the members present in the office is the facilities of the meeting room. Comfortable furnitures and well functioned equippment could make the meeting go smoother. Some of the key furnitures that always feature in the meeting room are the meeting table, desk, projector, mic and speaker. Could be adjust according to the meeting room’s scale, thus the desk and chairs are essential. The round and oval shape tables with soft curving lines can bring wealth, seriousness and luck to organizations and businesses.

Well equipped meeting room

Lighting and Sound system in the meeting room


The meeting room should be equipped with a light system with a potentiometer to increase the light when members read and view documents and reduce the light when members view documents on projectors and screens. Should add curtains if the meeting room has many windows to avoid distracting members participating in the meeting.

Sound system

Companies should pay more attention to the distance and sound position to the employee’s sitting position. Small speakers are usually located in the front or back of the meeting room. Conventional meeting rooms have to be soundproofed to the outside.

Combined with natural lighting

Meeting room design trends in 2020

Let’s take a look at some of the impressive conference room designs for the past year

-Mordern meeting room for technology businesses

Modern and dynamic space suitable for businesses and technology corporations.

Meeting rooms meet the company’s full functions for internal meetings and clients.

-Luxurious meeting room

Luxurious design with harmonious white color, showing luxury, consistent with the image of large corporations and enterprises.

Luxurious, modern design combined with the use of natural light

-Minimalism style, using the color of the furnitures

Minimalistic but creative design space with disruptive window frames to receive natural sunlight.

Cozy minimalistic design combined with interior and natural light

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