When we discuss about designing an office interior in any given situations, most people will have ideas about the front-view, the reception area or how the working space should look like. Crystal Design can guarantee you that almost no one will keep their eyes on designing Pantry room. Then let’s head on with our reputable interior design company Crystal Design to have a look at what Pantry room exactly is and why we have to give it a little love.

1. What is the role of designing Pantry room in a modern office place?

Pantry room, also called Break room or Relaxation room is a space designed for activities such as eating, relaxing, having fun, for staffs after hours of working relentlessly. Here they can regain their mental state and creativity to continue on through-out their day for the most efficient ways possible.

A Pantry room for modern office is a place where everyone to recharge themselves for a long day. Because when you spend every day executing tasks that are very demanding, your body will require a higher level of nutrition. The design of the Pantry room and creating a private area for everyone to relax together, is going to heighten their working states and promotes cooperation between everyone hence make company more unite.


Investment company WSS Pantry room designed toward Minimalism style with white as the main tone of color


2. Why need a Pantry room area for modern office?

One cozy pantry room and fully furnished was and always will be the heart of any home, this also applies to modern offices we have nowadays. A fully stocked and modernly designed dining room will make the people who have been working tirelessly all day long feel the warmth, and that they are being cherished and taken care of.

Big name corporations like Google, Facebook, Apple has always invested heavily in their Pantry room areas because they know that their staffs have to do a lot of work in one day and many more days ahead. They understand the basic needs of a human is to be fed, eat great meal, being comfortable, only then they can bring high effectiveness to their job.

Our basic working time falls around 8 hours and it takes one-third of our day, to some people that number is going to go up much more. Not to mention the people who have to work under a stress and demanding environment, then Pantry area will be a place where everyone can relax, rest and regain their spirit.


Pantry room designed with versatile function along with multiple color patterns of Google


3. Notices when designing and constructing a Pantry room.

Planning a design for Pantry room is just as important as other areas in the company. A Pantry room that isn’t well-planned will affect the way a company will operate. With all of that in mind, here are the things we have to take in considerations when constructing a Pantry room:

Location and area of the Pantry room will depend on the company’s work force. The space of the Pantry has to suit the number of employees working in the company as well. It cannot be too small or it will definitely bring a lot of unpredictable inconveniences, but at the same time it cannot be too big either. You don’t want to have all the company’s space to be dedicated to just the Pantry room, do you?

The style of design of Pantry room needs to be led with bright color tones such as blue, green, white, yellow, to bring the feel of freshness, fashionable and modernistic that promotes creative abilities. We should also limit using warm color tones like orange, red, dark pink, the kinds of color that brings the feeling of confinement, cramped and torrid.

Optimizing natural lights and airflow are also two of the important things that needs to be consider. To achieve this, our Pantry room needs to be arranged with large windows utilizing sunlight and fresh air. These two elements will offer fresher environment, lowing the costs as well as bringing the feeling of joy to everyone not restricting to the Pantry room alone, but to every other parts of your company as well.

Reasonable and neatly arranged furniture like desks, chairs, shelves will ensure that the space has everything that everyone needs and it will also optimize the space within the Pantry room. Not only that, a fully stocked Pantry room with electronic devices like televisions, record players, microwaves, refrigerator, newspaper and books, will add a great deal of pleasure to everyone that uses the Pantry.

4. Some of the most modern Pantry room designs

Our reliable interior design company Crystal Design to you some presents of the most creative and up-to-date office space interior design style for your Pantry room in 2020.


Pantry room designed for office with small area along with full amenities

Pantry room designed for office with open plan style


Pantry room designed for office in the model of a cozy café


Outdoor Pantry design brings the feeling of airy


Pantry room design combined with sports and gaming area  to improve employee’s creativity


If you are planning and will be in need of an office interior design service for your company, please contact us now for advisory through our phone number: 0906317386.

This article aims to share with you the concept and importance of the Pantry room in businesses, as well as many innovative styles of design that we can help you with. Crystal Design is a reputable office interior design and construction company in Vietnam that can help your company achieve unique office interior design that shows the color of your enterprise.

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