Crystal Design – an office interior design company was founded over 20 years ago by a group of young and passionate Korean and Vietnamese architects. Fusing the key essences of both cultures, we have demonstrated to be the top name in the Vietnamese market.

Talented crew

Crystal Design TPL staffs


At the very first days of the company, the Korean architects have pointed out the important factor for success is to bring both the Korean style of design and creativities into the simple nature of the Vietnamese culture. Until now, our company has managed over 1200 projects throughout the country.

We offer many different solutions for your office space with various design styles. Let’s take a look at some of our work right here.

Interference in styles

Vietnamese architects are known for their minimalism, with the ability to create and utilize space, influenced by the Western style. Minimalism style can also be easily applied into office interior design. A simple, tidy working space but also can fulfill the functional needs.

This style is to simplify details, reduce color usage and focus on the subtilty of the design, plus the rational light arrangement from natural or led, neon, with furniture often found made of high-grade industrial wood. Put in together with the refinement of Korean’s space arranging, making highly effective workspace. We ensure none of the workspace is going to waste, making the most of every area in the office.


Career Builder office in Hanoi Vietnam

Classic and Modern combined

Combining the modernity in design and the classic elegance of Western architecture in Vietnam. One of the trendy designs today, often applied to high-end and luxury projects to show class and sophistication to businesses and customers.

For example – Shinhan Private Wealth Management. A luxurious high-end project, designed and constructed by Crystal Design TPL.

Shinhan Private Wealth Management – Ho Chi Minh city

Youthful yet bolded with culture imprint

SM Town Café is one of our biggest projects in 2020. Having received the idea to express the Vietnamese culture from our client, our talented crew has successfully integrated the image of Dong Son bronze drum – the famous cultural heritage of Vietnam in the world, harmoniously combined with the youthful theme color of SM Entertainment.

SM Town Café – Crescent Mall, D7, Ho Chi Minh city

Making use of natural lighting

Currently, the traditional “framed” office styles are no longer too popular, replacing it is the office with comfortable spaces, improve creativity in design, to promote the direct exposure of natural sunlight into the office. The natural light source can be exploited through the door system on the wall, roof and windows; or combined with the ventilation boxes. Crystal Design TPL’s projects in the Vietnamese market have make the most of the above design concept.

Brings natural sunlight into the office – Bombus office Hanoi

In addition, we have done many projects with vary of different styles. Please visit www.deco-crystal.com

Crystal Design – constantly developing, innovating to be able to perfectly meet the requirements and needs of the business.

đặng trường minh
Đặng Trường Minh

I'm Dang Truong Minh - Chief Designer at Crystal Design - TPL. With more than 15 years of experience in managing large and small projects, I desire to provide the customers with the optimal, unique and convenient working space.

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